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Leaner People Teams with Analytics

How Benchling democratized People insights with a leaner team to enable rapid, hyperscale growth.
Written by:
Melanie Albert

“Knoetic empowers department heads to pull and crave the data and insights they need to improve their teams—without exponentially increasing the work of our People Ops team.”

– Vivek Reddy, Senior People Operations Manager at Benchling

Meet Benchling

Benchling is the pioneer of the R&D Cloud, software that powers the biotechnology industry. Since its founding in 2012, the company has grown rapidly to 700+ employees and raised over $400M in funding. More than 200,000 scientists at over 600 companies and 7,000 research institutions globally have adopted Benchling's R&D Cloud to make breakthrough discoveries and bring the next generation of medicines, food, and materials to market faster than ever before.

The Challenge

For Vivek, pulling data and reports was cumbersome and time-consuming. The company was adding hundreds of employees per year and needed strong analytics to make fast, effective decisions. With the basic reporting capabilities of its HRIS quickly becoming insufficient, the challenge was twofold:

  1. Data bottleneck: Requests for reporting were centralized to the People Ops team. The company’s leaders and executives, including its VP People, Meg Makalou, relied on Vivek and his colleagues to process most of their reporting needs. As requests to the People Ops team piled up, backlogs formed.
  2. Manual, time-intensive analysis: Benchling’s People data was also fragmented across its HRIS, ATS, and Engagement software, making in depth analysis difficult. To analyze granular slices of the workforce across dimensions like gender, ethnicity, and geography, Vivek’s team spent dozens of hours in spreadsheets.

A Solution with Knoetic

Having used Knoetic at his previous company, Vivek brought it again to Benchling. Knoetic serves as Benchling’s single source of truth across its HRIS (BambooHR), ATS (Greenhouse) and Engagement software (Lattice). As Benchling scaled from 250 to 700+ employees, Knoetic enabled the company to make better People decisions, faster.

“Early on, basic reporting was enough. But now, reporting needs have changed. Knoetic helped us navigate that smoothly to discern what was available and how to continue to support business leaders."

The Outcome

Now running on Knoetic at Benchling, Vivek points to three areas of impact:

Data democratization

Knoetic’s real-time reporting, intuitive analytics and permissioned sharing now empowers Benchling’s leadership to pull reports themselves in seconds - all without needing to submit requests to the People Ops team. With self-serve access to analytics, department heads can more quickly act on their own People initiatives.

"Meg, our VP of People, and other leaders can move faster. They can pull reports in minutes without asking for help. And if they do, it's easier for us to support them than ever. "

Cost and time savings

Vivek now runs a smaller, leaner People Ops team. Reports that used to take dozens of hours to create now take minutes. Meg, Head of People, pulls most of her reports herself using Knoetic’s simple interface.

“Knoetic allowed us to build a leaner People Ops team that produces more valuable insights to our C-suite and other leaders about where we want to spend our resources.”

Data quality

Knoetic’s real-time charts allows the Benchling’s People Ops team to better internalize the company’s data, making it easier to uncover data issues. Vivek also leverages Knoetic’s “Data Issues Viewer'' to quickly see discrepancies or missing values, and improve underlying data quality.

“Having a pulse on our data allows us to internalize it. We can pull reports fast and find errors to debug. This helps us uncover gaps in our own data capture so it's more thorough and accurate for everyone."

What's Next?

Vivek says he only has one remaining wish—to get Knoetic into the hands of more of the Benchling team!

"Once department heads got a taste of these insights, they wanted more. And that engagement goes a long way."

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