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Leveraging Data for Executive Buy-In

How Splash's Chief People Officer, Liz Hall, and her executive team make smarter People decisions backed by data.
Written by:
Melanie Albert

Knoetic just makes me feel more confident in my answers and convictions. I’m telling the same story, but now I have the data to back everything up.”

— Liz Hall, Chief People Officer at Splash

Meet Splash

Splash is the world's easiest event marketing solution for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Splash empowers teams across the organization to design on-brand, measurable, and compliant event marketing programs that deliver exceptional experiences and inspire quick action on attendee data. The company has 200+ employees and has raised $39M in funding from top VCs like Spark Capital.

The Challenge

Back in 2018, before Liz Hall became Splash’s Chief People Officer, she was introduced to our founder, Joseph, who was conducting market research on a new product idea: a simple People analytics tool to help CPOs make better decisions, faster.

“I remember telling Joseph that there was no good People analytics platform out there. If he could do this, it would be a huge hit.”

Like many other People team leaders, Liz had always struggled with finding an intuitive people analytics solution. She constantly tried to synthesize the right information to make intelligent business decisions, but was stuck in the vicious cycle of downloads, Excel spreadsheets, and jumping between tools before she could get the answer she needed.

“I've always needed a tool that easily provided the data to validate what I knew to be true.”

A Solution with Knoetic

When Knoetic launched, Liz jumped at the chance to try it out. Seemingly simple reports, like headcount and tenure trends, had always required cumbersome data manipulation to find. Now, in just a few clicks, Liz leverages Knoetic to display metrics like average tenure across the organization or drill down into a specific segment. 

“I use Knoetic everyday! Surprisingly, one of the more tedious questions to answer has been how many people currently work here. I can now easily report on current headcount, expected attrition and trends, as well as new hires to the board on a weekly cadence.”

The question then became: what other data points do I need to consider? Our Customer Success team is prepared with best practices from other clients to troubleshoot solutions for custom needs and requests. Together, we resolved additional pain points in Liz's traditional process that could be resolved with Knoetic to further enrich attrition reporting.

“I have always tracked regrettable attrition in an Excel spreadsheet. My CSM walked me through how to bring that data into Knoetic so I can now layer this important metric into our attrition reports.”

The Outcome

The two biggest outcomes that were realized with Knoetic were self-serve efficiencies across the team and data-driven meetings with executives.

Self-serve efficiency

Before Knoetic, Liz couldn't do all of the data mining herself. She relied on her team to help fulfill pull requests for herself and other teams. With Knoetic's beautiful and easy-to-use interface, she and her team are able to be even more self-sufficient.

Liz and her fellow business leaders can view high-level trends and drill-down into reporting on their own. This has been especially helpful for Liz as she no longer needs to rely on her team to find the insights she needs.

“Above all else, I’m more efficient. I used to have to go to my team for reports because I didn’t have the bandwidth. Now, I don’t even have to ask them for help.”

Data-driven meetings

The benefits of having Knoetic on-hand expand beyond the People function, all the way up to the Board. Splash's Board cares deeply about People analytics. Both Liz's participation and the depth of the conversations have been leveled up given it takes less time to prepare and in the comfort of pulling insights on the fly when questions are raised.

“Knoetic just makes me feel more confident in my answers and convictions. I’m telling the same story, but now I have the data to back everything up.”

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