Announcing our Series A: Accel & 100 CEOs, founders, and Chief People Officers
Our Story
We give Chief People Officers superpowers.

Have a burning question?
Tap the wisdom of 1,000 CPOs by asking a question of our network.

Tired of saying "I'll get back to you later" when your CEO asks for data?
Have 100s of people metrics at your fingertips.
Blow away your executive team with your data savviness.

This is the  way.

The beauty of Knoetic lies in our fusion of the data & the stories.

Our analytics engine equips you with the analytics to make data-driven decisions. Our community is a place to hear the stories of what other CPOs and their companies have learned.

You bring those two together, however you need,
to become the great Chief People Officer you were destined to be.

A few of our Investors

100+ legendary angel investors bringing you the future.
Vas Natarajan
Pamela Thomas-Graham
Board Member
Adam Grant
Professor, NYT bestseller
Marty Reaume
Board Member, Executive
Michael DeAngelo
4X Chief People Officer
Gokul Rajaram
Executive, Board Member


We're looking for the world's brightest minds to join our team.
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