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If you're motivated to improve the work lives of millions of people as part of a deeply curious, ambitious, and collaborative team, we'd love for you to join us on this ride!
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Our guiding values: 

Seek truth
Intellectual curiosity, humility, and rigor in pursuit of the truth
Be relentless
Breaking through every wall in our own way.
Compound growth
Get 1% better daily.
Elevate the team
Bring out the best in others.
Give a damn
Take extreme, unreasonable ownership.
Solve for the CPO
Put the customers first.
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We'd love for you to join us!

Hi there :)

I’m Joseph, Founder & CEO at Knoetic. If you’ve read this far, hopefully you're inspired by the problems we’re solving, what we’re building, and how you’ll contribute to building a generational company.

We've already proven ourselves invaluable to Chief People Officers and expect that, soon, everyone in an organization from the CEO to the first-year IC will rely on Knoetic.

What’s even more exciting - and breathtakingly ambitious - is that as the data platform that acts as the single source of truth for executives and people leaders, we can create an ecosystem on top of our data that will drive the global economy forward.

Achieving this vision is all about our team, and I feel lucky to work alongside this brilliant, kind, and passionate group of people every day. We're on a mission to build a world-class community and technology company, lead fulfilling lives, and spark meaningful relationships every step of the way.

I hope to see you on the other side.

We take care of our people

Competitive compensation

Medical, dental & vision insurance


Hybrid (NYC)

Generous equity

Team offsites

$2,500 learning budget

$500 WFH budget

Parental and family leave

We're solving a massive global problem

More than ever before, Chief People Officers are driving their companies' success. But they often lack the data they need to make informed decisions that build incredible and fulfilling workplaces. By empowering CPOs, we make a direct impact in the day-to-day lives of millions of employees worldwide.
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Grow with a CPO community
"The people here are absolutely incredible. The values they embody create a level of commitment and trust that I have not seen before. Every day I am inspired by this team and consider myself lucky to be a part of it."
Software Engineer
Grow with a CPO community

We give you ownership of your outcomes

Our rapid growth means that there's no shortage of fascinating projects to tackle. We hire people who are excited by increasing responsibility, and who have proven their ability to learn and grow quickly. At Knoetic, you'll own your work, and contribute to high-impact projects right out of the gate.
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"This is the sharpest and most driven group of people I've ever worked with. Joining Knoetic has been the biggest accelerant for my professional growth as an emerging engineering leader."
Chief of Staff

We invest in your success & development

At Knoetic, we invest in our employees. We ensure that you have the learning opportunities, mentorship, resources, systems, and tools that you need to execute to the best of your abilities. We hold you to a high bar of success, and we support you in achieving it.
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Grow with a CPO community
"We understand first-hand how investing in value-additive software solutions helps teams scale and grow faster…and we put that belief into practice. I love that even though we're early stage, I have access to best-in-breed systems and tools to help me excel at my job!”
Senior Account Executive
Grow with a CPO community

We'll help you become your best professional self

At Knoetic, you'll find compelling work alongside a team of collaborative, kind, and supportive people. We're quick to seek constructive feedback from one another, and quick to offer it. We recognize that by growing 1% compounds rapidly, and we'll drive Knoetic's success together.
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"Our culture of feedback empowered me to take ownership of front-end decisions within a month of joining, and shortly thereafter I was collaborating with Product & Design to ship fully-fledged features. My abilities and confidence have grown exponentially thanks to this team."
Technical Lead

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