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Analytics Without an Analyst

How Earnest's Chief People Officer makes data-informed decisions without full-time data analyst.
Written by:
Melanie Albert

“I'd be paying a full-time employee to do the analytics that Knoetic already provides. The easy insights are the best part—the additional cost saving is a bonus."

Victoria Hughes, Chief People Officer at Earnest

Meet Earnest

Earnest’s mission is to make higher education accessible and affordable to everyone through simple, low-interest loans and refinancing options. Earnest has 250+ employees and has raised $300M+ in funding.

The Challenge

Chief People Officer, Victoria Hughes, needed real-time insights for Earnest’s growing business. But she faced an all-too-familar issue—cumbersome processes for compiling data and finding trends. The tedious process left significant gaps in her analysis, making it impossible to have a pulse on the health of Earnest’s workforce. 

Having worked with various HRIS systems, none seems to fit the bill. Their current system provided raw data in the form of downloads, requiring her and the team to do the heavy-lifting when it came to finding trends. 

“I had five different systems that I used to pull manual reports together. No HRIS system I've worked with has fully integrated across systems. I couldn't find a solution that would provide both high-level and deep insights.

A Solution with Knoetic

After a few short weeks, the Earnest team integrated thousand of data points into Knoetic and immediately reaped the benefits of our out-of-the-box reports. 

"In minutes, I was able to pull reports and graphs for my QBRs with our President or at our weekly business review with the executive team."

Our default dashboard requires no coding or setup on the client side, and with a few customizations, it immediately gave Victoria a both simple and comprehensive view of her organization. 

“I love the visual story told on the dashboard. Plus, the filtering capabilities are super easy and quick. I can play with different views and immediately find what I'm looking for."

As part of our mission to simplify data, tooltips are scattered throughout the platform to guide users along the way. This is known to be particularly helpful for times when reports are shared with leaders outside the People team.

"It’s just so easy to see and understand our attrition. I can simply hover over my attrition stats and see the calculations behind them."

And there's always a team behind the platform to ensure success. Our Customer Success gets a shout-out for supporting her every step of the way! 

"Our CSM has been phenomenal to work with. It’s not always just about the product. Across the service, platform, and team, you’ve got it all nailed."

The Outcome

Victoria realized two key outcomes as a result of bringing Knoetic onboard: Meaningful amounts of time saved and potential hiring cost benefits

Time-Saving Benefits

Aside from relieving the stress and headache that comes with mining HR data, Victoria and her team have saved countless hours that can now be used to tell stories at a broader level.

“It's hard to measure the impact because we were never really able to do this kind of reporting before Knoetic. Reviewing my team’s reports could take up to 8 hours a week, at best. Today, it’s about 2 hours or less."

Cost-Saving Benefits

Traditionally, teams need to rely on analysts and data specialists to support requests and complicated formulas. With Knoetic, all the hard work is done for you with our simple, clean UX and out-of-the-box analytics.

“I'd be paying a full-time employee to do the analytics that Knoetic provides already. The quick and easy insights are the best part—the additional cost saving is a bonus."

Who can benefit from Knoetic Analytics? 

Everyone wants data, and the value of one source-of-truth spans beyond the People team. Key decision makers need to know what their benchmarks are in advance versus learning when it's too late to do anything about it.

“Everyone is talking about talent and culture right now. In addition to People leaders, I'd imagine that CEOs and CFOs will benefit the most from what Knoetic can offer.”

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